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Our wine prices reflect taxes and fees inflicted on us by the PLCB, which are substantially more damaging than any neighboring state's policies—it's our intention to price everything as affordably as we can within this system. PLCB sucks.

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100% Yellow Muscat

Bajta Yellow Muscat Pet Nat


While the red wines have established the reputation of the estate, the white wines have become very sought out as well. The reason honestly has less to do with the wines – they have always been great – and more to do with the fact that this style of white winemaking is very much in vogue. Yes, please know that Enderle & Moll made “orange,” skin-contact white wines before most other wineries on earth did (with the possible exception of Friuli and a few other places in eastern Europe) for the sole reason they are red-wine specialists and, well, skin-contact is just what they do. To add insult to injury, Enderle & Moll also ended up putting the wines in clear bottles and didn’t filter them, again, just because that’s how they did it. For the first 10 years the wines had a good following and they sold through well enough. But now, of course, without meaning to they find themselves at the center of this movement. The biggest difference, it seems to me, is just the labels are pretty traditional, the wines are clearer and have more acid than most, and they are about 50% the price of most of the others at the same level. For me, they sort of remind me of Clos Roche Blanche; they just do their thing, make really, really good wines. If they aren’t as hip or as cool as some of the other labels, that’s ok. The wines are fairly priced and your average person can afford to buy them and drink them and enjoy them.

Terrain: The terrain of the entire Štajerska region is made up of steep-sloped vineyards and narrow, wind-rich hill valleys. A diverse geological soil composition, consisting mainly of sand and clay with marl in the lower layers. The vineyards spread out over the finest wine-growing sites of Haloze Hills.

Lively, juicy, mouthwatering, bubbly goodness! It looks cloudy, but it is bright on the inside. Aromas of lemon, lime, flowers and pronounced yeastiness on the nose lead to a creamy, chewy palate with a slightly bitter finish.

Chill it down and do not shake before opening! This wine is alive.



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