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Rocky, talus soil of clay and limestone

Brézème Syrah Côtes-du-Rhône

Éric Texier


A Bordeaux native who has lived in or around Lyon since 1979, Eric is a jovial, energetic and fun-loving person who wants his wines to make their drinkers happy. But he is also a boundary pusher, endlessly questioning his own work (and, let’s be honest, that of others) for the sake of moving viticulture and winemaking forward.

Eric is a trailblazer, putting the all but extinct regions of Brézème  and Saint Julien en Saint Alban on the map. He experiments with concepts you rarely, if ever, hear about elsewhere: finding acidity in Marsanne through anforas, not working the soil in favor of cover crops, “infusion” macerations, working on his own grafts, rediscovering forgotten grapes adaptable to the very real threat of climate change…


100% Syrah. From Texier’s younger, i.e. 35-40-year-old vines, in the limestone-rich, cooler Brézème vineyard area (on the eastern side of the Rhône at the southernmost edge of the northern Rhône Valley). They lie on a steep, south-facing hill, are organically farmed and harvested by hand. The wine is made identically to its St. Julien Syrah counterpart: whole clusters are fermented with native yeasts in concrete tank with a short 5-7-day maceration; there is no extraction, only a submerged cap for a gentle infusion of color and flavor; aging was in concrete for 15 months in 2018 without racking; bottling is without fining or filtration and with a tiny dose of 10-15 mg. of sulfur.


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