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Rocky, Kimmeridgian limestone

Chablis L`Humeur du Temps

Alice et Olivier de Moor


Alice and Olivier de Moor live and work in Courgis a small village 7km southwest of Chablis. It is where Olivier grew up, and his “old” cellar, the part where he ages his Chablis in oak barrels, is underneath his grandparents’ house. From the hill where Courgis sits, the view is of vineyards over hills all the way to the Chablis Grand Crus.

Olivier says the landscape has changed a lot in his lifetime, that all the woods, bushes and fallow land that dotted the hills have disappeared in favor of vines.

Alice is from the Jura, and the two met at a large Chablis Estate, where Olivier was in charge of the vineyards. Both are enologists, graduates of the Dijon Enological School, with enough knowledge to take a radically different direction for their vines and wines than their neighbors. While the division of labor principally consists of Olivier in the vines and Alice in the cellar and office, both are equally omnipresent in every role and all decisions are made together.

L’ Humeur du Temps roughly translates to “The Mood of the Times” but is a double entrendre that also could mean “The Mood of the Weather”. The idea with this cuvée is to capture a global snapshot of the vintage versus the nuance of a single vineyard bottling. In such, the wine comes from four parcels that are vinified separately then blended: Côte de l’ Etang, Les Envers de Côte Chétif, Les Goulots de Jouan. Other fun fact: Olivier drew the label himself!

Fermentation and aging can occur in different vessels each vintage depending on the global quantities. 2500L foudres and 228L barrels tend to be used on this cuvée, including enamel lined tanks in generous vintages. Each parcel is vinified individually. Long alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. Aged 11 months on the lees without racking or cold stabilization. The wine is normally bottled without filtration but may go through a light, non sterile one if deemed necessary.



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