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Our wine prices reflect taxes and fees inflicted on us by the PLCB, which are substantially more damaging than any neighboring state's policies—it's our intention to price everything as affordably as we can within this system. PLCB sucks.

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Jediný Sud


Like my dad, I grew up in a vineyard and in a cellar. I like to experiment with wine from start to finish, from working with the vine to creative names to the graphics on the bottle, so that my philosophy of life is reflected in it. I love natural wines for their uniqueness and diversity, and founding the company opened up a world of new possibilities for me to show people these qualities.

I learned winemaking from my grandfathers, and following their example, I try to do everything by hand, without heavy mechanization. In the cellar and in the vineyard, I respect the principles of biodynamics, emphasize spontaneity and use almost exclusively herbal infusions. Our company helped me break through abroad and move a little further.

Our great-grandfathers already produced wine, so its production has a long-standing tradition in our families. Therefore, we pick the grapes by hand and press them slowly, and we do not treat the vineyards with ordinary chemicals, but with natural means. Thanks to this approach, the berries are also suitable for longer maceration on the skins (up to months); in fact, no substances are released from them that, in our opinion, do not belong in the resulting wine.
In the production process itself, we stick to traditional methods, which means that we avoid much intervention in the wine, unless absolutely necessary, and let it ferment spontaneously. In particular, we follow the Charter of Authenticists, which means that we are prohibited from adding yeast, proteins, tannins, sugars or acids. For all this, we do not use any other chemical substances.
The wine is then aged (on the lees) for at least 10 months in oak, acacia or chestnut barrels. We do not use any filtration techniques other than coarse through plates or natural gravity, and if sulphites are added, it is usually in small amounts (5-20mg/l) just before bottling.
All of this adds up to a truly unique and distinctive liquid that you will find in our bottles. So pour yourself a glass, it’s an unforgettable experience.

As in the cellar, we try to work manually in the vineyard, without the help of heavy mechanization. When treating it, we respect the principles of biodynamics or the Charter of Authenticists, which means that we emphasize spontaneity and  use almost exclusively herbal extracts instead of chemical agents  . In other words, our vineyards are free of all herbicides, pesticides, industrial fertilizers and sprays. Thanks to this approach, we preserve healthy soil for future generations (not only) of winemakers.

What’s more, our plots are not just strips of brown soil interrupted by a row of bushes. They are interspersed with green strips of grass with various meadow flowers and grasses, so the sight of them during the spring and summer is a feast for the eyes. However, grass is not only decorative, but also serves as an anti-erosion agent, retains the much-needed moisture and gives space to animals that protect the vineyard or are otherwise beneficial to it.

All our vineyards are located in different parts of the cadastral territory of Velké Bílovice, in the largest and one of the most famous wine-growing villages in the Czech Republic. Each of the vineyards is different, some are in the lowlands, some on the slopes, some towards the south, some to the north and others to the east. The composition of the soil is also very diverse: clay, sand, or fertile black loam or brown loam. We grow a number of white and blue varieties, each of which is somehow special and important to us.

-From the producer

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