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Moscatel de Alexandria, Torontel, Corinto, Semillon

Importer Jules Dressner sums up Louis/Dressner’s (and Bowler Wine’s by extension) collective feeling about the work of and working with Luyt: “What Louis-Antoine Luyt has accomplished over the last decade is nothing short of incredible…he’s brought life to forgotten vines in forgotten lands. He’s championed Paìs, the grape that started it all. He’s given us the opportunity to drink wine made from 300-year old vines for the first time. He’s encouraged farmers to value their land in a climate that does the exact opposite. It’s an honor to be represent him and share his vision with you all.”

Luyt sources the fruit from the village of Guarilihue in the Bío Bío region, from a single vineyard of 250-year-old, ungrafted, dry-farmed vines in granitic red clay soils, farmed without chemicals and entirely by hand. The fruit is hand-harvested and sees a 4-day maceration with the skins in stainless steel. It is then pressed and left to age on its gross lees for about 6 months in tank. There is no sulfur added at any stage and the wine is bottled without fining or filtering (note: stand/store the bottle upright to allow sediment to slip to the bottom). Dry, crisp, floral, refreshing wine. It is named “Cuvée Benoît” for Louis-Antoine Luyt’s oldest son.



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