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Melon de Bourgogne

Gras Moutons Muscadet Sèvre et Maine

Domaine de la Pépière


From our beginnings, our only goal has been to express Muscadet’s terroir under all its different guises.

From the onset, we also understood that to express terroir (soil, micro-climate, exposure, etc…) we needed good viticultural practices. Just one example: we have always harvested by hand. Modern techniques, particularly enological additives, allow a winemaker to change, correct and adjust any aspect of his/her wine. We chose not to take that path, and our minimal intervention in the cellar guides our choices in the vineyards.

In 2006, we stopped using herbicides, opting instead to plow and lightly rake the soil. In 2007, we took our organic work a step further by treating our vines only with copper, sulfur and several plant-based preparations. We harvest nettles, comfrey and horsetail along the Maine River and use these plants by steeping them, fermenting them or in the form of decoctions. We use biodynamic preparations to reinforce our vines against disease and help the micro-biological life of the soils. The whole estate is certified in organic vitculture and is in transition to a biodynamic certification.

-From the producer

100% Melon de Bourgogne. The “Fat Sheep” comes from a south-facing hilltop site in the cru of Monnières-Saint Fiacre, where the vines range in age from 20 to 60 years. The site’s gneiss-based soils, mixed with clay and amphibolite stones, distinguish this bottling from Pépière’s other more granite-based Muscadets; overlaying its core of citric acidity and stony minerality is a lovely viscosity which adds a sense of richness to the Gras Moutons. The wine spends 9 months on the lees before bottling, that long lees time being a hallmark of Marc’s wines that enhance their complexity.


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