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Imereti Tsitska Pet Nat

Gvantsa's Wine


Baia Abuladze is a young woman, who together with her sister Gvantsa Abuladze and their family in Obcha, Imereti in the west of Georgia, are bringing new life and energy to a region with a storied history but whose winemaking traditions had suffered greatly during communist times.

Baia began studying viticulture and winemaking studying from her grandfather as a little girl. Starting in 2015 Baia, who was then 22 years old decided to take bring new life to the 1.5 Hectare estate and family wine cellar. With the help of some woman winemaker specific grants she procured the necessary tools to bottle their first vintage in 2015 comprising of 5,000 bottles. Over the years Baia and Gvantsa have been making unique woman made wines with a purpose of preserving and being a part of the 8,000 Georgian wine tradition.

Over 50% of Georgia’s agriculture sector workforce is comprised of women, but we only have a handful of commercial women winemakers in Georgia. We at Georgian Wine House are inspired by the vision, energy and of course the wines of Baia and Gvantsa. So lets drink to their continued success!

-Georgian Wine House

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