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Weissburgunder, Gruner Veltliner, Chardonnay
Vineyard Size
40 ha
Chalk/Limestone, Pebbles


Claus Preisinger


My business is fairly new and I’m fairly young. And so that I don’t notice that I’m getting older, I’d rather stay the same.
Principles: in the vineyard according to Rudolf Steiner, in the cellar puristic, quality fanatic and a lot from the gut, in life uncomplicated.
I don’t have to go to an office, I don’t have a traffic jam, I’m outside in nature and the vineyards, as much as I want (and the vines demand it) look into the area and feel the weather. It is a privilege that I (more and more) appreciate. If you don’t believe it, come here and take a look!

When you are outside (almost) every day, you start to see the world through different eyes. Gets a lot of reference and relationship to plants, soil, animals, the environment as a whole. That made me sensitive to everything that is not natural.

That moved me and convinced me to work sustainably. That means greening, building up humus with compost preparation from cow and horse manure, homeopathic plant care, working according to Rudolf Steiner. I know, some say “I don’t believe in it”.
Not really matter. Believe me only one thing: you can taste it afterwards in the wine.
-Claus Preisinger


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