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Les Corvées sous Curon

Domaine de la Tournelle


Evelyne and Pascal Clairet created their vineyard in 1991. They work 6-hectares of vines, from which they produce 12 cuvées. They make traditional wines in the traditions of Arbois, such as the Terre de Gryphons while also exploring new paths, such as the use of carbonic maceration in the Uva Arbosiana cuvée. Their methodology and passion is clearly invested in producing wines that represent the tradition and potential that this dynamic AOC possesses. The couple has now opened a little bistro in the center of the town of Arbois.

Parcel: The Corvées sous Curon is a special vineyard cultivated by just a few estates in the Jura. It is rich in gravel, limestone and clay.

Vinification Method: The grapes for this wine are picked extremely carefully, with a sorting process starting in the vines themselves. Between 0 to 20 mg of sulfur may be added at this time, depending on the strength of the vintages, in particular the level of acidity present. Alcoholic fermentation is started in a temperature controlled tank, then is transferred into 228-liter old barrels to finish fermentation. Malolactic fermentation normally happens in the following spring. During this whole time the wine is topped up every 10 days (ouillé) without any addition of sulfur. The wine continues to age in barrel for another 18 to 24 months, and may be bottled with 0 to 15 mg of sulfur to preserve its freshness.

Tasting Notes: Profound and subtle as when you drink this wine you can tell some serious work went into it to coax the beautiful terroir out of this special parcel. Best drank while wearing a black tie, optional formal wear.

-Jenny & Francois


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