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33% home distilled Jura pomace/66% chardonnay juice
Dessert Wine/Apéritif, 17 % alcohol, 180 to 220 g /l residual sugars

Evelyne and Pascal Clairet created their vineyard in 1991. They work 6-hectares of vines, from which they produce 12 cuvées. They make traditional wines in the traditions of Arbois, such as the Terre de Gryphons while also exploring new paths, such as the use of carbonic maceration in the Uva Arbosiana cuvée. Their methodology and passion is clearly invested in producing wines that represent the tradition and potential that this dynamic AOC possesses. The couple has now opened a little bistro in the center of the town of Arbois.

This is a “Vin de Liqueur” with 180 to 220 grams of residual sugar. It is made of:
33% Marc du Jura (home distilled) and 66% Chardonnay juice. The Marc that has been aged 3 years in barrels is mixed with the Chardonnay juices. Still-racking 12 hours after they are mixed, the next day. Aged for 24 to 36 months in barrels. Bottled without filtering and without sulfites 18 degrees alc.

-Jenny & Francois


16 to 18 % alcohol, 180 to 220 g residual sugars, can be enjoyed as an apéritif or with desserts , it goes particularly well with apple based puddings.

-From the producer

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