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Vino Brkic started with a whisper in the late 70s, Pasko Brkić planted vineyards in Čitluk—a wine district located just south of Mostar in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina—at 800-1,300 feet above sea level and built a modern wine cellar.

Pasko’s son, Josip, took over after he passed, and dedicated the focus primarily on the native varietals of Žilavka and Blatina. Josip also fell in love with organic practices in the early 2000s after attending an Organic Wine Expo in Italy. From there he embraced a commitment to create wines with life and only in these practices. Inspired by purity and balance of acidity, tannin, and texture, he converted the vineyards and cellar to biodynamic practices.

 The winemaking process is aligned with his farming practices: allowing nature to speak for itself. Strongly following biodynamic winemaking practices, the wine is made as naturally as possible, using all gravity in order to avoid pumps, gentle pressing, and exclusively fermented with native yeasts and non-filtered. Ageing is exclusively in large local Bosnian oak barrels.

Mjesečar (mee-yeh-seh-char) – literally translated to “Moonwalker”, was the first wine that Josip produced entirely under biodynamic principles. Made of 100% Zilavka, produced biodynamically in accordance with the lunar calendar, the wine undergoes spontanous fermentation with full berries, and then aged sur lie in 250 liter Bosnian-oak casks, for 14 months. No added sulfur and bottled unfiltered.

This wine is so special and unique. While it sees ‘maceration’ it is a whole berry maceration so as to provide very restrained and elegant expressions of the skins. Delivering elegant aromatics of apricots, pineapple, and fruit salad, with white tea, honeyed walnuts, coconut oil, and local wildflowers. Only gentle tannins emerge on the palate, where a walnut-oil texture is supported by a backbone of acidity and a deliberately mineral finish.

A true masterpiece of Zilavka by Josip whcih showcases the depth, complexity and elegance that can be achieved through this magnificent grape and terroir.


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