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South Burnett
70% Dolcetto, 30% Chardonnay

Mt Midoriyama

Konpira Maru

75% Sagrantino, 20% Vermentino and 5% Dolcetto.

Konpira Maru started, as many great ideas do, as an idea born from two mates having a beer at the pub.

Working in the retail, production and education sectors of the wine industry for many years, we were searching for our own creative outlet. Sharing similar viticultural, winemaking and beer-drinking values, we set out on our vinous journey and from these humble beginnings, produced the first vintage in 2014, which resulted in just 600 bottles.

We set out to make interesting wines with minimal intervention and maximum care. Wines that were full of character, with a focus on affordability and a high-drinkability factor.

Our goal was simple – to produce wines we wanted to drink and to inject a little fun into an industry often accused of taking itself too seriously.

Now we make wine from the South Burnett and Granite Belt regions in Queensland as well as Kilmore in Victoria, with the help of our crew of amazing growers. In 2016, we took on our own Whitlands vineyard, sitting high above the King Valley. Here we farm Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Gris organically on beautiful red soil, surrounded by stunning sub-alpine Eucalypt forest. A magic part of the world.

Production notes:

Crushed and destemmed at the Chalmers facility and then pressed immediately, yielding 65% press ratio. All varieties were then blended, chilled and transported to the warehouse in Melbourne. Doing things this way ensured we kept the product as fresh and delicate as possible and limiting any oxygenation during the six-hour transport mission. It was then cold settled in our Melbourne facility at 2 degrees for two weeks to extract most of the tartrates and settle the juice of any impurities.
Racked and left to undergo natural ferment which was monitored to ensure a slow rate.
When sugar levels started to come close to ideal bottling levels, the cooling was used again to ensure the ferment slowed for consistency when bottling. Bottled with 14grams  of sugar per litre and left for 2 weeks to finish ferment in bottle. Hand disgorged, topped, re-capped, cleaned, labeled and boxed for your drinking pleasure. 12.6%. 8792 bottles produced.

-From the Producer

Konpira Maru

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