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Granitic soils, on the river Banks of the Maule River, no irrigation, rootstock, head/goblet trellis system.
40% Moscatel, 40% Torrontel, 20% País

Located four hours from Santiago, González Bastías is a town and a train station that is still operating for the last “Ramal” train in South America. It is also the name of this old vineyard, located in the interior dry land of the Maule in central Chile, just 40km from the Pacific Ocean. The name of this town was changed from Infiernillo to González Bastías in 1955 in honor of the great local poet and uncle of José Luis Gómez Bastías, fifth generation of winegrowers, who from a very young age began to work in these same lands and today, together with his wife, the winemaker Daniela Lorenzo, whose ancestors also come from some downstream stations, are today dedicated to highlighting the ancient tradition of their ancestors.

Currently in the vineyard around thirty thousand bottles are produced per year, production that comes mostly from four hectares of almost 200-year-old vineyards in the Country and other Creole strains. These ancestral strains are “frank foot”, that is, without a pattern. They are cultivated in head without irrigation and in soils of granite origin; all surrounded by the coastal mountain range and its sclerophyllous forests.

Animal grazing helps control pasture and also acts as a method of fertilization. The plowing is done with horses and the pruning is done by hand looking for the longevity of the old vines. The wines are made in origin, taking care that the process is all natural and sustainable. The grapes are manually ground with a Zaranda de Coligüe. The fermentations are carried out in open fermenters with native yeasts. The grapes are harvested very early in the morning. There are NO additions or corrections to the juice, and fermentation is stimulated with multiple strokes.

Once the fermentation is finished, the wines are discovered to enter the maturation process, which takes place in an old adobe winery, in reconditioned Chilean clay amphora and Raulí fudres

The work is carried out with the help of family, neighbors and volunteers from all over the world who come to our farm for a season with the motivation of learning about the production of natural wines and sustainable living.

-From the producer

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