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Pinkus Münster Alt


Pale, golden color with excellent, herbaceous aroma, delicate fruit-acid palate, and long dry finish. 11.2 oz bottles. ABV: 5.1% – OG: 1.049 – IBU: 20
Ingredients: Water, organic barley malt, organic wheat malt, organic hops, yeast.

The Pinkus-Muller brewery traces its origins to the family’s arrival in the Northern Germany town of Munster in 1816. At that time, Johannes Muller and his wife Friederika Cramer started a brewery and a bakery. Since their arrival there have been 150 breweries in Munster. Only Pinkus remains.

Today, the fifth and sixth generation of the family operate the famous Pinkus-Muller Pub/Brewery. So dedicated to quality is Pinkus, that they are the world’s first brewery to brew with only organically grown barley malt and whole hop blossoms. – Merchant Du Vin

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