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Zweigelt, St. Laurent, Blauburger, Merlot

Check out this excellent profile of Jutta here, thanks to Pellicle Mag/Valerie Kathawala.

Jutta Ambrositsch makes wines in Vienna. They are our go to everyday wines. Her wines are awesome -elegant, clean, balanced, confident, refreshing- wines that match most any occasion like a black sweater.

Viennese winemaking goes back hundreds of years, and today wine and vineyards (650 hectares in the city limits- 30% of which are cultivated organically/ or biodynamically) remain integral to the culture and layout of the city. Jutta tends her own vineyards- some choice plots on the Northern limits of the city she’s collected since 2004, just up the hills from the Danube. Jutta focuses her winemaking on the traditional favorites of the city- gemischter satz wines from both white and red grapes. Gemischter Satz (literally ‘mixed set’) are wines made from a blend of grapes, traditionally, and the case in most Ambrositch wines, co-planted varieties in a single vineyard, all harvested and fermented together.

Most of her wines are white wines, which we love and have been our bread & butter wines at Apteka for a while, but we’ve held a special place in our heart for the roter (red) gemischter satz – Rakete. The wine is made from just 5 rows of grapes (planted in the 80s): zweigelt+ sankt laurent+ blauburger+ merlot+ some white grapes, all planted together, picked together, and fermented together.

Bottled with fine lees, and with instructions to chill slightly (imho- very slightly) and shake well before opening, this crunchy light ruby wine is full of bright cranberry and cherry, unripe green gooseberry tartness, with a little earthiness that cuts through the fruit.



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