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Our wine prices reflect taxes and fees inflicted on us by the PLCB, which are substantially more damaging than any neighboring state's policies—it's our intention to price everything as affordably as we can within this system. PLCB sucks.

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Barabás, Tokaj
2022 – Királyleányka, Furmint 2021 – Királyleányka, Hárslevelü, Riesling, Furmint
45-50 year vines in Barabás, volcanic rhyolite with clay-loam top soil. 15 year vines in Mád from collaboration partner, andesite and rhyolite tuff, brown forest soil and clay.
Unfined/Unfiltered/No added S02/Méthode ancestrale
My name is Annamária Réka Koncz. I was born in 1988, in Hungary, in a small town called Vásárosnamény. As a little kid there were few things that didn’t interest me. One thing never changed, however: my love for nature.

I had many ideas for possible career paths, including the pursuit of UFO studies (at that time I had not yet found my true calling, but my best friend, Ágika and I used to love sitting in our makeshift tractor tire spacecraft, observing “suspicious activities”). I remember wanting to be an ornithologist, a biologist, or a forest warden, but never did it cross my mind that I would one day become a horticulturist or winemaker. I had not even harvested grapes before my internship years at the university.

I cannot recall what it was exactly that brought about my interest in wine making, but I distinctly remember an in-class essay I had to write in 10th grade titled: What Would I Be? I wrote that I would be a grape, and that I’d give my life for good wine. My dad saved it, and it’s still there today, in my grandparents’ restored cabinet.

After high school I did a BSc in Horticultural Engineering at the University of Debrecen. I wrote my thesis on wine made of inter-specific hybrid grape varieties. I did my Master’s in Agriculture, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and my enthusiasm only grew. I wrote my thesis on the evaluation of Saccharomyces yeast species isolated in South African vineyards. It was during my studies at the University of Copenhagen that I first learned about natural wine, made without chemical (or technological) intervention.
What started out as a student job at Terroiristen later led to visits to Italy, Slovenia, and France. There was no way back from there. I was already thinking of making my very own wine. And although it took some years for it all to pan out, today, with the help of my family, I make wine in Barabás. Where? That’s right.

We farm our vineyards organically – going to be certified from the 2019 vintage on – on only a little less than 3 hectares. The majority of the 40 – 60-years old vines are of the Királyleányka variety, together with some Rhine Riesling, Furmint and Hárslevelű.

Winemaking:  Királyleányka destemmed, direct press into fiberglass. Furmint macerated on skins 4-5 days, slow press in basket press. blended after maceration finished, hand disgorged fall 2023

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