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Zweigelt, Wildbacher, Blaufränkisch

On the first day of a new life, old worries seem forgotten, no longer important, and our desire to move forward is a new beginning. We place the utmost importance into being grounded within ourselves, the earth and the essence of nature, in order to craft vibrant wines with what nature provides. Our approach is to believe and trust in nature as opposed to overrule it, not only in the vineyard but also in the cellar. The wines we produce are proud examples of showcasing that trust in nature, and highlighting the art of leaving out, rather than adding on.

In years of travelling, we gathered experience and after meeting exceptional personalities, we decided to return to the place of our childhood. The greatest teacher was, however, nature itself. We humbly acknowledge its clarity and consequence in which we lay our hands. The results are wines allowed their individuality; they are complex and unique – not uniform or superficial.

– From the producer


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