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80% Zweigelt, 20% Blauer Portugieser

We have been following our own path in vinification since 2013 in order to uncompromisingly express the character and independence of the Hollenburg origin in our wines. My family stands behind me and my admittedly sometimes headstrong path.

I vinify my wines using traditional methods – in used wood, with little intervention – and my ideas.

Wines with strength, structure and liveliness.
Spontaneous fermentation in used wooden barrels – grapes from our own biodynamically cultivated vineyards.
Two cellars, one way: a purely natural product that is serious. Bottle by bottle.

It is important to me to feel, to feel, to attack the ground. To know where our grapes grow, on what soil, what makes them unique – that’s what counts for me.

Vinifying wine is an important step towards self-discovery – about myself, my origins, my past. And about our future. That is the basis for my wines – every day I try to understand them more, to research, to develop my thoughts further.

Our vineyards are more than just shaped by the lime-rich Hollenburg conglomerate. A solidified river sediment of the Limestone Alps, whose calcareous soils are alkaline and analytically similar to the soils in Champagne. Our wines correspond to these conditions: The result is clearly structured, delicate still wines characterized by minerality and naturally fermented sparkling wines.

-From the producer

Like all of Hoch’s still wines, the Rot (red) is a blend of three vintages, supporting Hoch’s vision that the best expression of terroir comes from the blend rather than a dominant vintage. Young wines add fruit and older wines bring tannins and structure. The Rot is a blend of 80% Zweigelt and 20% Blauer Portugieser; red grapes planted in a white soil, the famous Hollenburger conglomerate. The grapes are stomped by foot with whole clusters and undergo a semi-carbonic fermentation (about 75% of the total). The wine is aged 50% in large barrels and 50% barrels. About half of the barrels are not topped off and the wine develops flor, giving more depth and complexity. It’s bottled without filtration, giving a slightly cloudy wine. It’s a light red with piquant cherry and blueberry fruit, and notable, pleasing tannins. The final alcohol is 9.5%. It’s joyous.

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