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Sauvignon Blanc

“We are Paul-André Risse and Anouk Lavoie-Lamoureux. Biologists by training and researchers in the field of respiratory diseases, we left research in 2012, disappointed with the system that governs research and aware that this career took us away from our values. United by a common passion, wine, we listened to our desire to work in harmony with nature and decided to become winegrowers.

We then had the chance to integrate the International Master of Vine and Wine Vinifera . After a first year at Montpellier SupAgro (2012-2013), we chose to spend the second year of Masters at the University of Turin in Italy (2014). This will have been an opportunity for us to be trained, among other things, in pedology and the territorial characterization of the microflora. Specialized in vine physiology (Anouk) and in the microbiology of native yeasts in alcoholic fermentation (Paul-André), we will do a winemaking course at Domaine Ceretto , whose vineyard is run biodynamically. On this occasion, we had the privilege of meeting Claude and Lydia Bourguignon with whom we were able to discuss the importance of soil life. Since then, biodiversity in soils and crops in general has been a pillar of our work philosophy.

After a few experiences of winemaking and viticulture in conventional estates in Canada, we made the decision to return to Europe, where the vine has been cultivated for centuries and expresses in its grapes all the subtleties that we appreciate so much. We wanted to work exclusively in organic viticulture, by further deepening the principles of biodynamics. No more risks for our health, that of consumers, and this pollution for the environment represented by synthetic phytosanitary agents.
It is by working for committed estates such as Château Palmer and Ferme de la Sansonnière (Mark Angeli and Bruno Ciofi), as well as other small organic estates in Anjou (49), that we have confirmed our desire to settle on a small surface and make wines from the terroirs like those we like to drink.

It was after tasting a bottle of Bruno n’ Côt by chance that we were put in contact with Bruno Allion from the Domaine de Pontcher in Thésée (41) in October 2016. Bruno was looking for successors to take over his vineyard with a view to his retirement. A pioneer in his region, the Val de Cher, he vinifies naturally some of the grapes he grows on 13 hectares of vines located on the most beautiful terroirs around Thésée. A very nice meeting that ends with a commitment to take over 4.9 hectares of vines and 1.6 hectares of land to be planted on Thésée and Monthou-sur-Cher.

Indeed, how not to fall in love with these south-facing hillsides sliding towards the Cher, and overlooking the steeple of the village church. An authentic cellar built to work in gravity and traditional cellars dug into the tufa stone, guaranteeing the best desired aging conditions. Superbly maintained vines cultivated biodynamically since 1997, interspersed with fruit trees and little bits of vegetable garden, which give deep and singular wines, as we want them!
It is after having done the harvest and the vinification with Bruno in 2017 that we are embarking with the greatest respect on the continuation of his work. A great adventure that begins in Les Jardins de Theseiis.”

– Paul-André Risse and Anouk Lavoie-Lamoureux

Vinification Notes: 100% Sauvignon Blanc from several plots. Whole bunch pressing, fermentation and aging in barrels for 1 year. No so2 used during vinification or bottling

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