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Vipava Valley
5 days skin contact/unfined/roughly filtered

The Lost Grape

Regio Xq


Regio X isn’t just the name of the ancient, northeastern-most region of Imperial Rome, first century AD. Regio X represents a cultural identity of millennia – the mixing, blending, and cohabiting of various tribes and descendants of modern day Italian, Slavic, and Germanic peoples. It is the geologic formation of our lands – a process that occurred millions of years ago, shaping and influencing the landscape and developments of society, agriculture, and industry. A story rich in war-torn political ideology, border and territorial changes, and the resettlement and resiliency of its peoples. This is a story of gratitude, perspective, and above all, an opportunity to leave truthful expressions and inspirations for millennia to come. Regio X is wine identity.

We produce natural wines from small vineyard plots found in the upper Vipava Valley, Slovenia – a region with a rich agricultural heritage, and one that’s found at a climatic crossroads where the Mediterranean and Alpine worlds collide. Local and native varieties account for the majority of our vineyard plantings, and yields are kept low, ensuring only the best fruit reaches the bottle. The geology of our soils are categorized as flysch; and in varying amounts of marlstone, mudstone, sandstone, and shale deposits. We avoid irrigation, and choose to use small amounts of accepted organic treatments during challenging growing seasons, and only when necessary. Our vineyards are farmed as a holistic ecosystem approach.

Winemaking is practiced with low intervention, and a continued expression of what occurs throughout the growing season respectively. Our wines are fermented using native yeasts and bacteria – the only truthful way to give expressive and distinct regional characteristics of our lands and identity. We practice traditional cellaring techniques and pull inspiration from the growers, mentors, and fellow artisans who have helped contribute to our story and approach. Inspired by the millennia that came before, while forging our own path through inspiration and perspective ahead, Regio X looks to better understand mans essential role in agriculture, community connectivity, and the rhythmic energies life brings.

The lost grape is our single varietal expression of 100% Pinela; a native variety of the Vipava Valley, and a grape that’s often overlooked, forgotten, and lost. The variety thrives along the western Vipava hills, where it was once commonly used as a blending grape to provide neutral tones and acidity to traditional Vipavec table wines.

Pinela accounts for roughly 60 hectares planted in total – yes, of all the world’s production, and thanks to your support, we have the opportunity to farm, craft, and plant more of it. Thanks for letting us share this truthful and exclusive expression with you, and we hope you enjoy our native fruit as much as we do.

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