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Gemischter Satz/Welschriesling

Have you ever had a glass of orange wine that did not touch you? Skin contact white wines very often trigger intense reactions. Therefore our skin contact white is called TOUCH. Plus, the name should refer to skin contact, obviously.

Taste what soil and vinification method contribute to certain aspects of this wine. We combine the expressive character of the old vines of Gemischter Satz (growing in rich clay soil) with the delicate acidity of Welschriesling (grownig on limestone). Playing around with carbonic maceration and length of skin contact, to have both, the crispness and elegance of direct press white wine together with these earthy flavors and challenging fruit notes, which are so adorable in skin contact whites.

LABEL: the great-white-egret is very comon around the lake. He loves to visit our vineyards and we love to watch him during take-off – a truely majestic bird

Gemischter Satz white 50% Welschriesling 50%
Gemischter Satz = field blend, very old and at the moment we do not know all varieties that grow here. some are: Grüner Veltliner, Brauner Veltliner, Weissburgunder, Welschriesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer, Muskat, Neuburger, and many more.

Gemischter Satz grows on SCHAFBÜHL – CLAY SOIL
Schafbühl is in the northeast of Neusiedl am See. This site is a southwest sloping hill, rolling softly from the Wagram plateau in the north towards the lake in the south. The soil is mostly CLAY, deriving from the alluvial soil of the plateau. This site grows very intense grapes.
Welschriesling grows on NEUBERG – LIMESTONE
NEUBERG is a very rocky limestone hill in the northwest of Neusiedl am See and belongs to the Leithaberg Mountains. The soil is pretty scarce, surfacing huge amounts of limestone fragments (in some parts schist). The vine lives up to its best. NEUBERG is inside the haze of Neusiedlersee. The grapes we grow here are always of the utmost quality. Delivering wines that are very purist but precise – clearly structured and with depth of character – charming minerality amongst enticing fruit notes.

during harvest, all grapes are processed in the backyard. whole bunches go straight into open top vats. Most are destemmed, with some we keep the whole bunches for carbonic maceration (30%). natural fermentation. no additives. after a couple of days of maceration, we take the juice off the mash. we press the mash and everything is blended into small oak barrels. maturation on gross lees for about 10 months without any additives. no fining. no filtration.  no temperature control at any stage of winemaking. no air-condition in the cellar.

-From the producer

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