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Ribeira Sacra
Slate and Quartz

Adega Sernande arises from friendship and from the challenge of taking on new things, from the emotion that comes when we feel new sensations. Vertigo, translated into electric chills, is what activated all of my soul when, one good day in late June 2014, Antonio López Casas and María Aira invited me to help interpret their reckless Mencía vineyard, which plunges down a slope to the river Sil, in the hamlet of Trasmonte (population: 11 people). Planted to 60-year-old Mencía on slate soils at 600 meters altitude, it sits at the foot of the mountain range of A Auga Levada. Viticulturist José Aira (María’s brother) has always worked this vineyard in an organic and respectful way. For the first time, 2018 Vertixe contains Mencía and Souson from a second parcel of 60-year-old vines in the neighboring paraje. And the reference that keeps us moving, since our first encounters in the 2015 vintage, is Vertixe: a wine that seeks honesty and purity, bringing into the bottle everything you feel in a space as singular, unique, impassioned, and untamable as the Ribeira Sacra (more specifically, the especially wild and untamable area of Vilachá de Salvadur).
We are moved by the fruit, which had to endure a rainy, cold year, and that threatened to thwart desired ripeness, although a dry and melodious summer instilled calm in our hearts. Splendid phenolic maturation, and at the same time fresh fruit, along with that sense of movement and shape that we like so much in wine: a long, straight, Atlantic drink, with a feeling of volume and breadth.
The bottle (our primordial aging vessel) will perfect the melody of a wine born of the dizzying whisper that one feels when you look out at the Mirador de “A Capela” and see the truth of the effort of humans who decided that the only space where they can cultivate vines were the inhospitable slopes that plunge into the Sil River.

-Orly Lumbreras


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