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Loess soil, clay, gravel,

Martin & Anna Arndorfer reside in Straß im Straßertale, Austria- Kamptal – and approach winemaking with a palpable sense of joie de vivre. They’re fortunate to have outstanding land – Martin is the 3rd generation there- and they take great care to respect the land and steward the soil.

Both Martin & Anna hail from serious winemaking backgrounds. Martin worked his first harvest at the age of 16, but his enthusiasm for the family business long preceded that- as a kid, he’d attempt to find a way out of having to go to school, faking sick and the like, so that he could stay home to be at the vineyard. While attending wine school, he also worked in Friuli & Piedmont.  Anna is from another celebrated Kamptal family- Steininger- and had been helping with winemaking since she could walk.

Martin returned home with Anna to assume control of the family winery in 2002, employing modern winemaking methods- selected yeasts, fining, but it wasn’t long until they started exploring different techniques.

They had worked a harvest in the Adelaide Hills, where they got hands on exposure to native yeast fermentations, little/no sulfur use, and stainless steel tanks. Ever curious, back home they performed side by side experiments with select yeasts v native yeasts for several years- concluding that selected yeasts obscured the pure expression of the wine rather than protect it. They’ve since continued to be experimental, incorporating more modern techniques to the bedrock of the winemaking legacies they’ve carried from their families and to an approach and style that remains fused to the region.

They create a message from the vineyard in their wine- profound wine that should be equally pleasurable to drink as it is to make.

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