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Gravel, sand, chalk
Organic, biodynamic

Georg Schmelzer is a fourth generation winemaker in the Gols region near Lake Neusiedl in Austria. Georg’s winemaking philosophy is in line with the Demeter guidelines and uses a variety of biodynamic preparations for the revitalization of the soil and keeping his vines as healthy as possible.

Practices like the utilization of horn manure, ground crystal, and infusions of herb, such as horsetail, all participate in promoting soil health and vine strength and metabolism. The harvest is done by hand and the wine is aged in neutral oak without filtering, fining, or addition of any sulfur. It’s this respect for the land and the ability to let the grapes express themselves with minimal intervention that make Schmelzer’s Weingut so special.

-Zev Rovine Selections

The paths that we take in the fourth generation with our wines are diverse: we strive to work carefully and sustainably both in the vineyards and in the cellar.

This can certainly mean that we reconsider supposed laws in order to get even closer to the originality. All options have one thing in common: respect for nature, which we gladly feel obliged to care for and preserve.

In order to do our best, we not only rely on the knowledge of the generations before us, but also on a very original signal: intuition.

This confirms to us again and again that the path of gentle, intelligent biodynamics is the right one to follow our personal path together and successfully with nature.

We work our vineyards according to Demeter guidelines and thus far exceed the requirements of organic viticulture! Not only do we avoid using pesticides and chemical plant protection products, we also use a wide range of biodynamic preparations to revitalize the soil and keep the vines healthy. The aim of our work is not to maximize, but to harmonize and support nature in its fertility – year after year.

Our vinophile offer reflects the diversity of the region with its rich potential to give the different grape varieties their original expression.

We vinify dry and sweet wines. We give the red wines aged in oak barrels the time needed to shape their characters. We only put them on sale when their taste profile is typical of the variety. Our white wines are also vinified carefully and mostly by hand, whereby we also reduce the technology to a minimum in favor of the original taste.

-From the producer

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